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Preserving health & relieving sickness and suffering in the less developed countries of the world

Health for All was developed by the doctors, staff and patients at the Canterbury Medical Practice.

Aiming to "preserve health and relieve sickness and suffering in the less developed countries of the world" it has supported partnership projects in India and Africa.

Working in Bihar, India, in partnership with People First, a local Indian NGO, successful developments have included bringing nurse and doctor clinics to many villages, supporting health education and immunisation programmes and poverty alleviation through women's self-help groups.

Working with UNICEF has led to developing a "model project" for rural health care in Bihar.

Health For All - Dadpur Food Programme

Health for All is also active in promoting the idea of "partnership projects" to assist in holistic health improvements in the developing world"

Annual Round up

The last couple of years have seen Health for All continue to support the partnership work with friends and colleagues in Bihar, India.

This reflects our long term commitment to supporting development, in what continues to be one of the poorest areas in India. As well as the health team that provides health care and health education to the villages, support has continued for the women’s self-help groups and microcredit schemes. These make a real difference to addressing the causes of poverty and the health problems that follow.

In the last twelve months the project villages have been visited by Dr Ben Casey of Canterbury Medical Practice, and long-time Health for All supporters and Barham residents, Rupert and Rina Talbot. Once again, Ben was able to see first-hand the effective work that takes place.

This year I’ve also included a number of stories directly from the health team in Bihar. I hope you enjoy the positive news as much as I did.

As always, none of this can be achieved without your support. Fundraising is so important, especially as it has become so much harder in recent years.

For all your support, thank you.
Dr. Mark Jones.

Health For All - Dadpur Food Programme

Saving Lives: A story from the Health Team

The story of Sanju Devi

Sanju Devi is from a very poor family in Paini village, a Dalit by birth, one of the poorest groups of families.

She has three children and her husband is a labourer. He earns only 250 rupees a day (less than four pounds). It was very difficult to support his family. Sanju attended a sewing centre supported by the health team and learnt sewing skills, and then joined the Self Help Group that Health for All supports. She received a loan from the Group, and purchased a sewing machine.

She started making cloths for women in Paini village and started to earn 200 rupees a day, almost the same as her husband. Later she purchased an “interlock stitching machine” and was able to increace her earning to 400 rupees a day. She has become the main earner, and improve the lives of family, directly as a result of the Self Help Group.

Health For All - Saving lives: Sanju Dev

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How you can help

We are most grateful for all donations, our work would not be possible without them. Your donation makes a difference.