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Health for All was developed by the doctors, staff and patients at the Bridge and Littlebourne Health Centres, Canterbury. Aiming to "preserve health and relieve sickness and suffering in the less developed countries of the world" it has supported partnership projects in India and Africa.

Working in Bihar, India, in partnership with People First, a local Indian NGO, successful developments have included bringing nurse and doctor clinics to many villages, supporting health education and immunisation programmes and poverty alleviation through women's self-help groups. Working with UNICEF has led to developing a "model project" for rural health care in Bihar.

Health for All is also active in promoting the idea of "partnership projects" to assist in holistic health improvements in the developing world".

We're running the London marathon...well Allison is!

I’m Allison Fitz. I’ve been lucky enough to have been given a silver bond place in The Virgin Marathon by Canterbury Medical Practice where I work as an administrator. I’ll be running to raise money for Health for All. This will be my first London Marathon and I would really appreciate your support to help me raise money and provide me with the motivation to complete the training over the next couple of months. If you would like to sponsor me, please use the link below. Many thanks, Allison.

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